LYVISPAH works the same as oral baclofen tablets
The unique granule formulation may be easier to take
This may be especially true for people with difficulty swallowing
Baclofen—a proven treatment for spasticity
  • Has been prescribed by doctors for years
  • Is a skeletal muscle relaxer
  • Acts on the nerves in your brain and spinal cord
  • Lessens muscle spasms, relieves pain, and helps improve movement
a dissolvable form of baclofen
Works like oral baclofen tablets but is a unique granule formulation
Rapidly dissolves in your mouth
It may be mixed with liquid or soft food*
May be simpler to take, especially if you have difficulty swallowing pills
It comes in single-dose packets in various dosage strengths
Allows your doctor to customize treatment to your needs
It may be stored at room temperature, which makes being on-the-go more convenient
*Must be taken within 2 hours of mixing.
meal plan
LYVISPAH is easy to use and easy to work into any meal plan
  • No sugar or natural sweeteners
  • Strawberry flavored
  • Ingredients in LYVISPAH: baclofen, amino methacrylate copolymer, calcium stearate, colloidal silicon dioxide, crospovidone, hypromellose, mannitol, saccharin sodium, strawberry flavor, talc, and xylitol
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